Tim and Cathy's 2001 vacation

We drove up the coast and stayed in Mendocino for 3 nights, and then drove up the coast all the way to Seattle. We took a day trip by boat to Victoria, B.C. in Canada, and saw Butchart Gardens.

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On the way up the coast to Mendocino.

Wood patterns on a boardwalk.

Finally, some pictures of the coast.

The only time I can get a picture of Cathy is when she has a camera in her hand...

Coast shots on the way to Mendocino.

Artsy coast shots.

A mural in one of the coastal towns.

This is the room we stayed in for 3 nights in Mendocino.

The deck of the room had a very nice view of the Mendocino village across the water.

The town of Mendocino. They had an art fair the weekend we were there.

They have a bunch of artist studios, and one of them had a colorful collection of yarn in the window.

More things from the art fair.

Mendocino has a lot of interesting buildings.

More interesting things in Mendocino.

The place we stayed at, on a sunny afternoon.

Mendocino village as seen from where we stayed.

We stayed at the top of a small cliff, so we couldn't get down to the water.

We left Mendocino and continued up the coast.

A very tame animal wanted food.

Worm trails?

More coast.

An interesting combination of products in one store.

The Oregon coast had lots and lots of trees.

And they cut a lot of them down.

One of the logging trucks, without logs.

Two navigation systems in the car, extreme but useful.

Elk herd.

An interesting bridge by Coos Bay.

Sand dunes in Oregon.

In Seattle, The Experience Music Project is in a building designed by Frank Gehry - one of the few where he's been given total carte blanche - the building's exterior contains no right angles .

It's right underneath the Space Needle.

We took the Victoria Clipper to Victoria, B.C., in Canada.

The ship on the left, in this picture, is the one we were on.

Butchart Gardens in Victoria is a very popular tourist destination, so we went there.

Definitely worth the trip - lots of beautiful flowers and colors.

It was actually a limestone quarry before being turned into a big garden.

An automated fountain (with moving patterns).

In Victoria, a glass gallery had a built-in workshop that you could view from the gallery. Very experienced glass workers - easily the best we've seen in person.

The harbour in Victoria - small 'taxi' ferries.

Entertainment near the harbour.

Coming back to Seattle.

Coming back to Califorina, this is Mt. Shasta.