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  Before there were CDs, there were cassettes. These recordings are from a cassette called Octave++ that I did in 1994. The only copies distributed were hand-made. Most of the pieces were redone as part of my Prototypical CD, but there are several pieces here (Renaissance Ninja and Sunrise/Another Day) that do not appear on Prototypical, and ironically they are some of my best compositions. It will be a shame if I never re-do them, but it is also likely that I will never recapture the sound in those pieces that you hear here.

All compositions are © 1994 by Tim Thompson, all rights reserved.

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Renaissance Ninja   M3U MP3   
Sunrise / Another Day   M3U MP3   
Twinkle Tune   M3U MP3   
Caffeine-Based Life Form   M3U MP3   
State Machine   M3U MP3   
Autograph   M3U MP3   
Stock Answer #1   M3U MP3   
Group Effort   M3U MP3   
Last Call   M3U MP3   
Hypercube - Live   M3U MP3   
Shameless Boogie - Live   M3U MP3